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Kaidan x FemShep
Her eyes had always been able to speak the truth. No matter what shape her mouth was forming, no matter the words that rolled off her tongue, he had always been able to decipher the facts from all the lies that spilled out from her. All by looking at those bright, clear eyes.
It wasn't that she was a bad liar – hell, she could win a bluffing match against a turian if she wanted to. It was simply that she didn't care if Kaidan saw through all the political bull her rank demanded she say. Above all else, she was a commander - his commander – and that was a rank where words and appearances meant everything.
She knew that.
That's why she was wearing a charming smile while her eyes narrowed into slits that demanded him to explain himself, his logic, why in the world he ever thought she would consider him again after everything that had happened.
He knew what she wanted him to explain, had known it would be the biggest hurdle to get over. Their conversat
:iconsymphonic-silence:Symphonic-Silence 5 1
Revelations - Chapter 7
Title: Heatwave
Pairings/Characters: Snow/Lightning.
Summary: Snow and Lightning each have their own revelations about their slowly budding relationship.
Rating: T
This would be their second night in Mah'habara. Granted, their surroundings had improved since their first night—at least now they were in a flower filled fissure, but all the other conditions remained the same. The fissure was still pretty narrow, only now instead of having stone walls on either side of them the group remained exposed to a rather splatter-inspiring fall on their right side. Compared to the roughly-hewn stone they had grown accustomed to during their first day, the grass and small flowers were a welcome sight. Still, they were unable to escape each other, nor were they able to outrun the heat.
Though Lightning blamed her decision to stop and rest for an hour on Vanille's battle with her Eidolon, the suffocating temperature
:iconsymphonic-silence:Symphonic-Silence 4 1
Revelations, Chapter Six
Several days had passed since Hope had been lost and subsequently found. Though they had every intention of traveling directly to Oerba, the group of them, as tended to be normal, got distracted. At least it was for a decent cause: they were attempting to placate the Cie'th stones and complete the stones' focus in their stead. They didn't realize at the time that each mission would be a horribly time-consuming task, but now they had invested so much of their energy into assisting the unmoving stones they didn't have the heart to back out.
Of course, it hadn't been this way to start, Snow recalled.
After having discovered the first stone and heard the woman describe how she needed to kill some sort of pudding so she could finally gain her well-earned rest, the majority of the party had been moved by pity. Most had wanted to act on this poor soul's behalf. Lightning, however, had just nodded, saying that if they found time they would. Then, despite the pond being only a few hundred feet
:iconsymphonic-silence:Symphonic-Silence 3 7
Revelations -- Chapter Five
They were all gathered in a misshapen circle around Hope who, besides from his stirring about thirty minutes prior, had yet to move.
Snow was rubbing his face in exasperation. His body still ached from their mad hunt for Hope and their earlier retreat from the motley band of fiends. His jaw throbbed where Lightning had struck him (though he had no one to blame but himself for that). Exhaustion even consumed his mind after having been through a barrage of draining experiences and emotions within the course of a single day. Snow struggled to maintain some semblance of a calm exterior and keep everything together.
But how could he when their future appeared so bleak?
They were lost. Not physically lost, oh no—they knew right where they were on this damnable world—but rather they didn't know where to turn next for their focus. Even if they did know, the group of them would be unable to travel there, not without Hope. Lightning would likely murder the first person to even so much
:iconsymphonic-silence:Symphonic-Silence 2 7
Revelations Chapter 4
Snow, Lightning, and Sazh were returning to camp after scouting the path that led south from their base. It had been a longer journey than they had intended, but neither Snow nor Lightning wanted to linger in camp without knowing what lay beyond their borders. So the three agreed to chart it out, and it had been a fiend-ridden experience.
Lightning was walking between the two men. Sazh was talking elatedly about the abandoned machinery they had found, describing the various effects each piece could have and how it could enhance their own equipment. Of course, for the first ten minutes Lightning listened with great interest, but once the sneaking suspicion that she had heard this lecture before was verified she quickly lost what enthusiasm she carried for the subject.
Sazh rattled on about ways to use a pipe to jimmy-rig a particle accelerator together, or how it could be melted to form a supporting beam for…something. Snow, having been conveniently incapacitated when the di
:iconsymphonic-silence:Symphonic-Silence 4 3
Revelations - Chapter 3
Snow was the first to wake between the five who were graced with the opportunity to rest. Muscles in his back protested loudly as Snow stretched his arms wide over his head, unwilling to forgive Snow for sleeping on the cold, hard, merciless ground. As he made one vain attempt after another to untie the knots in his back, he cast a glance around the camp absentmindedly, taking in how much warmer it already was compared to the night before.
Not that he could really complain about the temperature. Lightning's lingering cure had done wonders in warming him throughout his slumber.
During his assessment of the camp he had noticed his coat lying in nearly the same spot he had placed it many hours earlier. Lightning no longer occupied it. In fact, she was nowhere to be seen.
Snow shot up, alarmed, eyes quickly darting from one edge of the camp to the other. He was about to wake the entire party up to go on a mad hunt when Lightning jumped nimbly over some brush and emerged from a wooded area,
:iconsymphonic-silence:Symphonic-Silence 4 1
Revelations - Chapter Two
Snow leaned heavily against the guardrails of the Lindblum, his mind deep in thought. Something had been bothering him ever since he had regained consciousness at Hope's house. He wasn't quite sure how to put it into words to ask Lightning about it, but he knew it had something to do with her healing him. It was the only explanation.
Subconsciously, he placed a hand against his rapidly-healing ribcage. Oblivion hadn't completely overtaken him while Lightning had healed him: awareness claimed him from time to time. He recalled waking a couple times, never enough to open his eyes, but enough to know that something was going on.
The first time he woke, he felt two pairs of hands on him—one grabbing his shoulders, another tickling his back. Why the hell someone was tickling his back, he'd never know, but there it was.
The second occasion was bothering him currently. He remembered arms embracing him; thin, strong arms with a secure hold. Someone's hands were on his abdomen and a strang
:iconsymphonic-silence:Symphonic-Silence 5 6
Revelations - Chapter One
Her breath came in short, ragged gasps as she tore through side streets and narrow corridors, her forehead already gleaming with perspiration.  She was tired, worn out, but she knew she couldn't stop.  She had seen the explosion, as had the exotic tribal woman known as 'Fang', and she knew that Hope and Snow were probably not far from whatever had blown up.  They had a knack for finding trouble and, as always, she was right.
The sudden, unexpected stop nearly caused Fang to crash into her, but she couldn't help it.  Seeing Hope flat on his back, struggling to rise as a giant subjugator threatened to beat down upon him was more than she expected.  She had seen enough to know that he had tried to take on the fiend alone: Snow had collapsed not far from Hope and, instead of struggling to rise, he seemed perfectly content remaining unconscious. Even from a distance, Lightning could see shining bruises beginning to well on the exposed skin o
:iconsymphonic-silence:Symphonic-Silence 10 10


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